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Palacio Pl

Services for our guests

Servicios cleaning bf966a9bce9cfbe63d969a62d342e0705ecca7a172fc560ff92658ce738ddb7f

Cleaning service

customized and on demand

Servicios full fridge bb5b9abdf2250d5c777fa63db6c49b0c9a28a38484d7e31485869e17d7afdc92

Filled fridge

at the arriving and during the stay

Servicios laundry d818d15e95c0ad81f5983c42e5dac814f3d8185d2f438cc0851e3f6fbe097f52

Laundry and dry cleaner

Servicios childcare 996d6a9fb4785497616829244ba7c520069d211cfccddbc0c8f25106e4d299c5


Servicios concierge afc8c6863ce0fce09740df8366f3a6adde9b7fd34cf7caea6a137fcf7bade000


reservations in restaurants, leisure activities, excursions, car reservations with or without driver

Servicios parking e295c1bfd759e68261dc365d9e8ea73947514e146f4bb6c4ee7276f0df6befa6


covered on demand

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